Linklaters is delighted to be sponsoring a show garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2017.

We have been working closely with our Chelsea gold medal-winning designer, Darren Hawkes, and our charity partners, Maggie’s cancer charity and Inspired Directions School.

A new Maggie’s Centre is being built at St Bartholomew’s Hospital near our London office and will provide a lasting legacy for the garden.

We also want you to take part and enjoy the garden. The following pages explain the project, why Linklaters is sponsoring a garden and the importance of the garden providing a lasting legacy.

We hope you will join us and follow the progress of the garden.

News & views

Countdown to Chelsea – an update from Darren

Darren shares his thoughts with only 5 weeks to go until the Chelsea Flower Show Week!

Linklaters helps Maggie’s to grow

The partnership along with Maggie’s sponsors a special show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. This article looks at the reason for the collaboration and the importance of a supportive environment that the garden reflects.


Hear from Laura Lee, Chief Executive of Maggie’s about working with Linklaters and the Chelsea Flower Show


DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 23 Apr 2017

Tulips still looking spectacular

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 23 Apr 2017

@bwcontracts @tomharfleet model says not much shadow! 10.20 am

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 21 Apr 2017

@brewindolphin @bwcontracts @Tremenheere @RHSPressOffice what a lovely surprise on a Friday afternoon.…

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 20 Apr 2017

#rhschelsea2017 @maggiescentres the brilliant and super cool Mark Tungate peeping through the…

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 19 Apr 2017

RT @The_SGD: Fancy designing a @The_RHS show garden in the UK? Our Garden Design Journal tells you how and when to apply…

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 17 Apr 2017

Hosta green mouse ears coming on nicely for @maggiescentres garden #rhschelsea2017

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 15 Apr 2017

I'm sharing the beauty of Iris confusa here because the bloody thing if flowering too soon for…

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 14 Apr 2017

RT @GWandShows: On tonight's show, we're talking turf with @nickbailey365, so please have your notebook at the ready! #GardenersWorld https…

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RT @Lazyjacksfowey: Today's coffee offer: order your coffee in the voice of Bob Hoskins "ala Long Good Friday" and its Buckshee! Free! On u…

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 13 Apr 2017

Amazing engineering and joinery on these mounds for the @maggiescentres garden. #rhschelsea2017

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 11 Apr 2017

RT @BarrellSculptor: We need a Marketer! If you might be interested please take a look and hope to see you soon!

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 11 Apr 2017

Beginnings of a recent project coming to life. #tulip #stonewall #gardendesign

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 11 Apr 2017

Chelsea Flower Show diary 2017 – Darren Hawkes via @The English Garden

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 09 Apr 2017

I take this picture every year as it's just such a joyful sight. #euphoria

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 08 Apr 2017


DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 07 Apr 2017

@AndrewWilsonii Hope all your prep is going well....not long now!

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 07 Apr 2017

Chasing the sunset at the end of a long week. Holland, Belgium, South Devon and Worcestershire- Cornwall seems best!

DHLandscapes @DHLandscapes 07 Apr 2017


Our charity partners

Part 1
Linklaters Chelsea
Garden for Maggie’s
Part 2
Crûg’s Plants
Our shared values
Part 3
Part 4
Nicola’s visit at Maggie’s
Part 5
Part 6
Negotiating with the RHS